2013-12-13 23:42:58 by CytryNox

I HAVE RETURNED!!!    .... again.

lol i got a few tracks headed out INCLUDING a sweeeet ass remix of ( you will find out when ya do muthafucka ) and a few remastered songs of mine for those who dont have rediculous base amp systems and hate the crackling of a few of my songs...... (BSE)... anyways im glad to be back and active, so hold ya briches m8s ima drop some thug on yall.


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2013-12-17 20:59:13

Thug it to us batmane


2014-03-23 11:28:09

fuckin where you beee niggiiiiiiiiiiiiiie drop some fucking beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeats some fuckin beaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaats

CytryNox responds:

so sorry man ive been busy with my new job been saving p cash tho so i can get some new equiptment,
ill drops some classic beeeeeeeeeeeeeeetz in the meantime