i feeeeel deaaaaaaaaaaduhhhh....

2013-09-22 19:10:00 by CytryNox

these passed few nights have been hell i cant for the life of me understand why my audio converter isnt working properly
i actually have some live action audio for everybody but its in a foreign fucking type of audio so whatever thats what i get for
being a cheap fuck... fuck anyways theres a sampler up i was gunna finnish it untill i got in this shitty state of mind.

gta V, have fun bye for now.


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2013-09-23 11:58:02

GTA V! I'm dissapointed they're waiting so long on the PC release, can' wait to play it.

CytryNox responds:

ehh it will be cheap on steam by the time it hits so its kinda worht it.


2013-09-24 04:55:11

Yeah, I guess that's the one benefit of the wait. Still, seeing as it all started on the PC platform, I wish they'd stay true to their most loyal fans instead of queuing their releases for profit. The PC version is probably the first one they make anyway; port to other consoles. They wouldn't sell as well if all were released simultaneously.