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oh my what a trip its been

2014-12-10 12:54:07 by CytryNox

so im back.. again and this time im bringing new 200% improved tracks to the game as well as a top pick playlist every week on my tumblr Dj-cytrynox, new track on its way as well as a new album so keep an eye out and if you want to nominate for top picks inbox me!

as always listen well

its been almost a year...

2014-06-13 02:15:56 by CytryNox


its ok tho im back in action already have 3 tracks in progress, but im sure the real question iswhere have i been.

well i been workin, got me a new job with steady hours and decent pay so ill be able to get a bunch of new toys to play with. i been lookin on sweetwater and i like what they have to offer any advice would be epic id hate to buy a synth for example and not like what it does for me.

anyways keep an eye out ill be posting a few new songs every week like i used to!


2013-12-13 23:42:58 by CytryNox

I HAVE RETURNED!!!    .... again.

lol i got a few tracks headed out INCLUDING a sweeeet ass remix of ( you will find out when ya do muthafucka ) and a few remastered songs of mine for those who dont have rediculous base amp systems and hate the crackling of a few of my songs...... (BSE)... anyways im glad to be back and active, so hold ya briches m8s ima drop some thug on yall.


2013-12-04 02:54:03 by CytryNox

first off. i like the new bloging update!

but i wont fuck around too much, in my reign of total boredom not being able to make music and  fuckin off too much ive decided to substitute my activities with Vine. if you dont know what vine is ill tell you. its a smartphone app that works like twitter but instead of status posts its 6 second videos recorded via cellphone shits pretty tight to be honest so if u wanna find me on vine just search up my handle CytryNox case sensitive muh niggas see u on the grid!

due to certain circumstances i have been unable to produce more beats/tunes/robocybersex
but i am trying to get back on my feet so i can triumph once more.

until then maybe ill break out the old fender stratocaster and shred a few? ;3


2013-10-25 23:52:18 by CytryNox

Its been almost 2 weeks but im back!
Unfortunately i have been messing around with ableton, my new program for making my tracks. But im learning to use this as fast as i can so i dont disappoint anybody. I oughta have some new stuff out all week so keep an ear out!


Will be gone for a while...

2013-10-12 13:05:55 by CytryNox

cant make my bills in time so my internet is going to be cut off tonight ill do what i cant to make things right again but until then i will be working on tracks, so that i have content when im back. bye for now...

this is gunna look pretty!

2013-10-04 04:37:24 by CytryNox

My album art is done and i like it alot think it suits my theme very well.
more good new im working on a colab with a friend and its gunna be heartshattering so keep an ear out!

CytryNox Delivers

2013-09-25 16:35:12 by CytryNox

i made something to make up for the last mess i uploaded, imo its catchy.
im uploading it as this is being typed so hold on to yer briches m8s!

these passed few nights have been hell i cant for the life of me understand why my audio converter isnt working properly
i actually have some live action audio for everybody but its in a foreign fucking type of audio so whatever thats what i get for
being a cheap fuck... fuck anyways theres a sampler up i was gunna finnish it untill i got in this shitty state of mind.

gta V, have fun bye for now.